Current and Past Projects

  • Re-Foresting the Park

    New trees are planted in the park yearly to replace diseased or fallen trees.

  • Pond Gate

    In 2013, Friends decided to design and fund a custom iron gate to close off the stairs. which would allow pond access for maintenance purposes but protect park visitors and the pond's waterfowl from accident or injury at the same time.    

    Looking ahead, our Master Plan includes additional custom iron fencing around the pond as budgets and time allow.

  • Installation of Eco-Friendly Benches

    Through the generosity of private donations, FRTP installed 15 eco-friendly benches in the park to date.  The benches provide seating for park visitors with scenic views of the Long Island Sound and the pond.  



  • Duck Feed Dispensing Machine

    It was the vision of the Board of Directors to install a Dispensing Machine for Duck Feed on the south end of the pond.  The machine has been installed and operational.  Unfortunately many park visitors will feed bread and baked goods to wild life which promotes intestinal problems.  It is our hope to encourage the general public to use commercial feed instead.  All proceeds from the sale of feed will be used to aid in ongoing maintenance of the pond.