Nor'easter blows through town

An early snow storm swept through Rye on October 29, leaving hundreds of thousands in the surrounding communities, counties and states without power and dealing with extensive damage from fallen trees or branches. Areas north, west and east of Rye were declared disaster areas in the aftermath of the storm.

What made this storm so dangerous was its timing; it arrived while most trees had yet to shed their leaves. The wet snow that fell steadily over a period of hours in combination with gusting winds and plummeting temperatures caused small trees and shrubs to bend and large branches to snap off altogether. 

Fortunately, the damage in Rye Town Park was minimal compared to areas close by. Large branches fell from several trees but did not interrupt overhead wire services to the neighborhood and, at first glance, did not cause damage to fixtures or plantings in the park. Our arborists will take a closer look at the trees involved to assess their stability as they fertilize them in preparation for winter.

As you can see from these photos taken the afternoon of October 30, the sun's warmth left only traces of the storm from the day before. Click on each photo for an enlarged view.