May 2012

Northern Mockingbird

  • They have been sighted in Rye Town Park
  • They gravitate to habitats that also attract Eastern bluebirds and tree swallows
  • An adult averages 10" long (beak to tail) and has a 14" wing span
  • Mockingbirds are very long-tailed, with pale gray uppersides and whitish undersides
  • Latin name for them is "Mimus polyglottos"


We reported last Spring that our bluebird houses were a modest success in attracting these beautiful birds to the park but, with guidance from Sandy Morrissey of the Bronx River Audubon Society (BRAS), even better nesting boxes were built and installed last month. A special thanks to Friends' members Charlie Northshield and Tom Fendler for their talent and time.

Ladybug, ladybug fly away

Over thirty children and adults braved an overcast afternoon on May 24 to release more than 4,500 ladybugs in Rye Town Park.  Everyone gathered at the flagpole garden on the knoll near the duck pond.